About Snug

Over the course of a lifetime we visit countless different medical providers and specialists, but for nearly all of us our childhood GP is no longer the doctor we see. Traditionally these providers have also worked in clinical silos, where our medical notes are only shared with those linked with our immediate treatment.

As a patient, we are left with a fragmented health record across any number of GPs, hospitals and health providers; there is no single source record of the information about when we received our tetanus shot, had our last blood test done, or about the medications we are allergic to.

This leads to inefficiencies or complications in our overall health treatment.....until now.

Welcome to Snug, your personal electronic health record that will help you manage your health and enable you to share information with your health providers. All your health in one place.

Our Clinical Advisory Team

Tim Blanche

A passionate healthcare professional with an interest in innovation, business improvement and disruptive technologies. With more than 37 years in health , he has owned and operated medical centers including corporate health, built multiple Pathology businesses across both the public and private sectors, and been involved in M&A's, business aggregations and divestitures. Tim is a Medical Scientist with Post Graduate Business Qualifications.

Dr David Dembo

A medical doctor with over 30 years of healthcare IT experience. David is passionate about medical technology and the use of data to improve quality and safety and has a specific passion for AI and Analytics. He has combined his understanding of medicine and business to assist technology companies to grow their install base across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Anita Grindlay

Experienced health management, consultant, director, systems agitator and innovator. Expertise in health, wellness, and aged care sectors, digital ecosystems, population health/care coordination model design, hospital substitution and prevention program development, implementation and evaluation. Significant experience across multiple PHI's and hospital groups. Anita is a Nurse with Post Graduate Business Qualifications.

Troy Morgan

Wellbeing strategist having worked with many national corporates (including Australia Post, PWC, Virgin Australia), where he has consulted with executive teams of organisations to match company culture to wellbeing strategy. He follows through from consultation and planning phases to assist companies to develop bespoke digital ecosystems, to implementation and refinement. Troy is an Exercise Physiologist.

Dr Craig Nossel

After heading up Discovery Vitality Wellness for the past 15 years, Craig co-founded Carenomics, a behavioural economics-based consultancy.

As a medical doctor, his passion lies in the healthcare industry, where he applies a strong focus on strategic thinking, innovation, product development, and marketing to drive positive health behaviour change.

Our Executive Team

Michael Bennett


Michael graduated as a Medical Scientist and worked in the public (Launceston General Hospital, Whittington Hospital UK, Lewisham Hospital UK) and private sector (Macquarie Pathology) before moving into IT where he worked with a number of multinationals including Canon, Xerox, Click2Learn, and Microsoft in both the public and private sectors.

John Elkerton

Managing Director

John has worked as a Pharmacist in several public hospitals (Royal Hobart, Launceston General, Townsville General in Queensland and Saint Mary's in Portsmouth, UK).

He has been a contributor to HealthConnect, MediConnect and NEHTA through various working groups, with a particular interest in electronic prescribing, decision support systems, adverse drug reaction reporting and other health IT related issues.

James Robinson

Executive Director

James Robinson is also the Managing Director of In-tellinc which is a private investment and consulting company focussed on providing marketing and commercial assistance to science and technology companies.

James has previously held senior positions at Deloitte Consulting and IBM Global Services. He currently holds a variety of board positions including; Asdeq Labs, Stratokey, and Jade Liquid Software.

Chris Dockray


Chris is a legal practitioner, specialising in insurance and corporate law. Chris completed his degree at the University of Tasmania and went on to work with Zeeman Kable and Page for 11 years before setting up his private practice in 1995.

Chris was appointed Chairman of St. Luke's Private Hospital in 1991 until it was sold to Calvary Healthcare in 2004. He has been Chairman of St.LukesHealth for the past 10 years. Chris' strong focus on community has seen him chair the Launceston Steiner School and Springfield Fisheries, vice chair of the Care for Africa Foundation as well as being a director for private start-up companies.

He is currently independent Chairman of the Tasmanian Salmon Industry having been so for 10 years. Chris and his wife have three children and spend their time operating the Lalla Flower Farm.

Melissa Lukianenko


Mel has worked in the ICT industry for about 25 years and has held many senior roles including chief information officer at Aurora Energy and ICT leader at TasNetworks. In 2016 she started her own ICT Advisory and Project consultancy business in Hobart called Ignite Projects Services.

Mel has extensive experience in developing and implementing ICT strategies, along with a passion for leading and developing people and elevating organisational culture. Mel was awarded Outstanding Contribution by a Woman in ICT by TASICT for her dedication to the industry.

As a director of St.LukesHealth, Mel has been a member of the Risk Committee, the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Executive and Nomination Committee.