Our Executive Team

John Elkerton

Chief Clinical Information Officer

John has worked as a Pharmacist in several public hospitals (Royal Hobart, Launceston General, Townsville General in Queensland and Saint Mary's in Portsmouth, UK).

He has been a contributor to HealthConnect, MediConnect and NEHTA through various working groups, with a particular interest in electronic prescribing, decision support systems, adverse drug reaction reporting and other health IT related issues.

Phil Randall

Chief Operating Officer

After an almost 25 year career in the pulp and paper industry with roles in finance, operations and IT, Phil then spent a number of years in the start-up space, playing a key role in getting two start-ups from inception to first sustained revenue.

Phil is an active member of the mentoring community in Australia in his roles as a volunteer mentor with the Rare Birds organisation and as a Certified Project Director and Certified Project Trainer with the Institute of Project Management.

Michael Bennett

Chief Sales Officer

Michael graduated as a Medical Scientist and worked in the public (Launceston General Hospital, Whittington Hospital UK, Lewisham Hospital UK) and private sector (Macquarie Pathology) before moving into IT where he worked with a number of multinationals including Canon, Xerox, Click2Learn, and Microsoft in both the public and private sectors.

Christian de Kievit

Chief Technical Officer

Christian has been with HCS since 2008, working initially as a senior developer and now working as CTO within the company.

He has 20 years experience in the software industry, working in government projects nationally and internationally focusing on grants and land management before spending the last 10 years working with Snug Health.

His primary motivation is to design and build software and teams that increase patient safety and drive better health outcomes for individuals within the health system, a set of goals that aligns with our company goals and has kept him with the company for the last 10 years and into the future.