Each device is different, so the time it takes for your information to update in Snug can vary from seconds to minutes.

If you see 'Update succeeded (x) minutes ago' but the data has not yet shown up in Snug, it means that the information is still on the way. If you don''t see data you're expecting after 30 minutes, check your device sync is still up to date with your service provider (e.g. Garmin, Fitbit).

By default, no one else can see your information. However, if you want others involved in your Circle of Care, you can allow them to see all or part of your record.

If you have your own Snug account and login, you can grant or revoke access to others to view it through 'Permissions' on the main menu.

If someone else is a custodian managing your Snug personal health record and you do not have your own account login, the person managing your Snug personal health record will be able to view and update your Snug information and will be able to provide access to other people.

If you have children on your participating Health Insurer's policy, you can include them in your Circle of Care and manage their health records in one place from birth until they turn 14.

After your child turns 14, access by other people to their Snug personal health record will be revoked automatically in compliance with Commonwealth legislation.

If you are over 14 and want your parent or guardian to have access, go to Circle of Care 'Permissions' and select the level of access you want each person to have to your record.

To reset your password, go to the login screen for Snug and click the 'Forgotten Password' link.

Go to the App Menu, select 'My Account', then choose 'Close My Account'.

You will receive an email stating that your account will be deleted in 7 days. Contact support within this time-frame if you wish to reverse your decision.

For more information on how your health information is managed please read our Privacy Policy.

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