Technical Policy

Snug takes the security of your personal and sensitive information very seriously and takes reasonable steps to protect it from misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The methods we use to ensure this includes the implementation or existence of the following measures:

  • Snug employees, agents and sub-contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements;
  • Electronic and physical data and document storage security policies;
  • Policies and procedures governing the retention, use and access of documents and data;
  • Internal system access security policies including authenticated access of employees and contractors;
  • 2-factor authentication to ensure only authorised users can register to access information adding an additional layer of protection;
  • Access control for our buildings and data hubs; and
  • The use of data encryption, firewalls and other security systems for our computer systems and cloud-based services. Your information is kept while we need it to provide the services that you have requested from us and where applicable, we are required to keep it to comply with statutory requirements.

Where Snug determines, it is no longer necessary to hold your personal information we will securely destroy, delete or permanently de-identify that information, wherever possible.

In the unlikely event that security of data is compromised, we will take reasonable steps to confirm any possible breach.

If a breach is confirmed, we will notify you and provide you with a description of the breach, the kinds of information involved, and any recommended actions you could take to protect yourself.

Secure Information

All communication between services, websites and apps provided by Snug Health are protected by industry grade TLS and SSL encryption. This prevents your data from being snooped on when communicating with Snug and when using our services. All data that is kept by Snug is encrypted at rest, which protects your data wherever it resides, whether in the databases themselves or in backups. More information about your privacy is available in our Privacy policy.


Snug's services are hosted in the Microsoft Azure environment, which is backed by Microsoft's reliability, security and performance guarantees.


Snug health data is not stored on your mobile phone and is only available to you while using the app.

Any further questions about Snug, please contact us at