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Connecting you with your medical history, family health and fitness stats in one simple smartphone app.

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All your health
in one place.

Looking after your health can be hard. Over the course of a lifetime, we visit many different medical providers and specialists, and more often than not our childhood GP is no longer the doctor we see.

To complicate this, medical providers tend to work in clinical silos where our medical information and notes are only shared with those linked to our immediate treatment. As a patient, we are left with a fragmented health record.

Snug makes it easy to put you and your family at the centre of your healthcare by collecting all your medical history and fitness data in one secure app.

Snug allows you to read and sort your medications, keep track of GP visits and immunisation records while listing your healthcare providers and emergency contacts. In addition, you can set up your Snug account to send SMS alerts to selected emergency contacts for things that keep you up at night.

Once signed up, simply login with your PIN or biometric data.

Three Ways Snug Connects You to Your Health

With Snug, you can collect and monitor your own data, in order to make informed choices about your health and well-being.

Snug has three core functionalities that contribute to your personal health record:

Integration of health devices.

Data from your electronic devices including smart phones, fitness watches, scales, and blood glucose monitors can now be linked to one place and provide you with more insights about your health.

Managing your loved ones' health.

Easily manage your children's health or help an elderly parent or relative better manage their health.

Sharing your information with health professionals.

To assist your interactions with GPs, hospitals and others, Snug information can be shared with health providers to inform their decisions and allow for better health outcomes.

Finally, Snug helps you track sleeping patterns, set goals around fitness, record your own health notes and generally be proactive in your health. Your health is complex - but with Snug, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Snug is easy to use.

Everyone should have the opportunity to manage their own healthcare, so Snug provides...

Secure login with your thumb, face, or pin. Please ignore this text - don't delete

Quickly access your medical summary and latest vital sign readings, track your physical health activities or record a quick health note.

Integrate devices including phones, wearable fitness devices, or medical devices.

SMS alerts to selected emergency contacts for low blood sugar, abnormal readings or for the moments that matter.

Ability to upload and preserve your health history including past conditions, procedures and any old paper records.

Easily track your child's development.

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*If you choose not to subscribe after 90 days, Snug Lite will still provide access to your Conditions/Medications/Procedures/Allergies information.

Snug is provided free to members by the following participating health funds and providers, simply download the app, then add your Health Insurance Details to gain full access:

All your health in one place.

Download the app today.