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Over the course of a lifetime we visit countless different medical providers and specialists, but for nearly all of us our childhood GP is no longer the doctor we see.

To complicate this, medical providers tend to work in clinical silos where our medical information and notes are only shared with those linked to our immediate treatment. As a patient, we are left with a fragmented health record where there is no single source of truth about when we received our last tetanus shot, had our last blood test, or a list of the medications we are allergic to.

Welcome to Snug, your personal electronic health record that will help you manage your health and enable you to share information with your health providers.

Snug makes it easy to put you and your family at the centre of your healthcare by collecting all your medical history and fitness data in one secure app, be able to read and sort your medications, keep track of GP visits and immunisation records while listing your healthcare providers and emergency contacts.

In addition, you can set up your Snug account to send SMS alerts to selected emergency contacts for things that keep you up at night.

Keeping your health in a better place


See only the information you need to manage your health with our customisable interface.


Thumb, facial or PIN access choices on our HIPAA compliant platform keeps all your health information secure.


Easily manage your children's health or help an elderly parent or relative better manage their health. You can also share your Health Information with your GP or specialist and be notified when your clinical appointments are coming up or it is time to renew a prescription.

Health at your fingertips

Quickly access or share your medical summary and latest vital sign readings.
Data from your electronic devices including smart phones, fitness watches, scales, and blood glucose monitors can now be linked to one place and provide you with more insights about your health.
Track your child’s development as well as their immunisation schedule.
SMS alerts to selected emergency contacts for low blood sugar, abnormal readings or for the moments that matter.
Follow your readings visually with our date / time-based chart views.
Daily Insights provides you with useful health advice that dispels some common misconceptions.

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*If you choose not to subscribe after 90 days, Snug Lite will still provide access to your Conditions / Medications/Procedures/Allergies information.

Snug is provided free to members by the following participating health funds and providers, simply download the app, then add your Health Insurance Details to gain full access:

Imagine putting your clients at the centre of their health record and giving them a meaningful role in managing their wellbeing

Imagine home nursing services that allow you to easily manage patients’ quality of life and their on-going care plans

Imagine a hospital wide EMR that follows the patient through their entire health event, tailored to the different care providers at each step

Explore how our integrated products improve the health outcomes and wellbeing of your clients across their entire life journey.
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Primary Care

Closed Loop Care Management

Onboarding & Allocation

Sign up your clients via an easy to use onboarding process, including consent and Home Safety Checks. The client is then allocated to Nursing staff based on location and current workloads.

Initial Assessment

Review client health with industry leading assessment standards tools. Create actionable care plan items and associated notes to manage the clients on-going care.

Care Plan Review

Review current care plan items based on treatments and targeted follow up assessments. Care items can be resolved or new treament options can be raised with follow up assessments scheduled to check on progress.

In Home Care Done Right

Quickly enrol clients to your Nursing Programs, perform pre-visit safety checks and gain client consent.

Easily assign clients to nurses, move them between nurses and proactively manage your staff workload.

History of immunisations, allergies, conditions & medications.

Record a wide variety of assessments across physical, mental, and environmental metrics.

Carer. Snug Care is managed by the Nurse/Carer.

Longitudinal. The focus is on longer-term health outcomes and coordinated, patient-centred care (i.e. the focus is on ‘treating the patient’).

Curated and summarised. Contains each episode of care, limited to what is relevant to the patient’s ongoing care or long-term health.

Health. All data is managed securely in our HIPAA compliant system

Organisations and Devices. Information can be imported from community care, nursing homes, pharmacies, complementary, alternative care providers, and health monitoring devices – as well as Snug Personal.

All Providers. Providers can access the patient’s Snug Care information with either the carers or patients consent.

Full Control. Patients have access to Snug Care plans through Snug Personal, including the ability to add and update information.

Closed Loop Care


Manage your patient with admission interviews that include allergy advice, current medications, patient complience and observations.


Track your patients health with care plan items and notes, operation records, closed loop lab orders, and comprehensive handover documentation.


Inform the patient and health care professionals with prescriptions, take home medications advice, and detailed discharge summaries.

Looking for a Lite EMR ?

Admission interviews are streamlined to ease completion. Detailed medicine reconciliation avoids medication errors for your patients.

Operation Notes allows clinicians to document operations, including attributes of the operation along with post-operative orders and clinical summaries.

Visit Dashboard, allows you to track a patients progress through their care visit. All admission, care and discharge tasks can be completed and followed through an intuitive interface.

Closed loop handover documentation. Admissions, care type changes and discharge are all documented to make sure miscommunication is avoided.

Extend your existing EMR


Streamline your referral process across multiple healthcare providers. Provides real time, secure communication, which reduces wait times and efficiently schedules health services.

Controlled Drug Management

A solution that manages medicines supply from procurement, through distribution to endpoint use across any number of locations within your organisation.

Drug Reference

Draws all of your knowledge resources regarding medicines into one place for instant reference by clinicians.

Patient Approvals

A centralised electronic solution that modernises your Individual medication approvals process. Transforms the workflow and transparency for the Clinician, Endorser and Approval Board.

Organisation. Snug Medical is the system of record for clinical information within the organisation.

Episodic care. Snug Medical manages past episodes and non-episodic information such as allergies and family history, with the focus on the current episode or ‘treating the disease’

Very detailed. Snug Medical replaces paper notes and is used to record detailed information for each episode of care.

Medical. Information is limited to that collected and required by doctors, nurses, and allied health personnel.

All. Information can be imported from other clinical systems, such as Radiology and Pathology through our API gateway. Snug Medical supports HIMMS EMRAM capability to Stage 7.

Internal. Organisations may give credentialed clinicians access through a secure provider portal

Read-Only. Organisations may give patients limited access through a secure patient portal or the Snug Personal application